Wether you are member of a major group, a medium or small company, an administrative
organisation, we will assist you in putting in place or redesigning a system exactly fitted to your size, business and culture.

We can integrate risk management as a whole from IT to Health and safety, including production using our knowledge of evaluation methods adequate for different businesses or purposes: impacts evalution, Hazop for maintenance or projects, HACCP for sequential processes,… Our ability to understand from strategy to manufacturing details will help you select the method and approach suited to various issues.

We can also help you implement or boost shop floor continuous improvement methods and program or provide adequate IT applications (see Information Safety page).

Our uncommon system awareness training will help you gain participation and efficiency both from board and ground. They will help you correct design or bureaucratic drifts and solve problems where they actually are.
Develop system in depth understanding from base to top; we redesign systems making the most of ITand cooperative processes. We also audit your system in French, English, German, Spanish all aroundthe world
When training your internal auditors, redesigning your auditing provisions and management or when auditing your suppliers or your own system, you will benefit from the experience return of over 300 ISO certification audits as appreciated lead auditor. (see references page)